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    Ardell Duo Lash Adhesive

    ARDELL's world famous false lashes provide unrivalled eye enhancement. Leading the market in natural, eye-transforming lashes, their enviable line-up ranges from those perfect for daytime to high-impact, dancefloor ready styles. Forever staying true to their mission of creating beautiful, unforgettable eyes, ARDELL's signature styles have multiplied since the brand's launch and now include designs to suit every eye shape. Shades Available:
    • Clear – Perfect for lighter false lashes.
    • Dark – Great for thicker false lashes.
    Note: ByStellaMella will only act as a Personal Shopper to buy this item from authorized retailer. Item will be purchased from UK and will take around 2-3 weeks to arrive Malaysia. Please place an order only if you are agreed to the above terms.

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